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The only app to feature 500px and flickr photos without any ads. Download, share and, enjoy. Transitions runs on Android devices from Gingerbread KitKat (4.4) and up.

I have always wanted a simple to use wallpaper app that can transition my Android's wallpaper from time to time. I couldn't find one with good quality wallpapers and, ones without spam ads, on the Play store. And so, I made Transitions, keeping in mind that there are others like me who want a quality wallpaper app.

Troubleshooting: - If pictures are not loading, check flickr API uptime/downtime status here: and for 500px API status: - For all other issues, please feel free to email me at


  • Choose a source of images to swipe through. Enjoy the awesome pictures that and flickr get everyday, delivered right to your phone without any hassle!

  • Now you can create your own image source by discovering them through a simple search that searches both 500px and flickr.

  • Set photos that you see in the app as your wallpaper anytime.

  • Detects if you are not connected to a Wifi network and downloads only a low-res photo when viewing a photo in detail. This is done to save carrier data charges.

  • To enable AUTOMATIC WALLPAPER TRANSITION, visit the settings page and enable the feature.

  • Choose a source for the transition feature.

  • Choose number of images, frequency, notifications (contains interesting image title info) for the transition feature!

  • Share the URL of a photo you are viewing quick and easy! (might use mobile network depending on the share method you choose)

IMPORTANT! READ THIS! This app needs an active connection to the internet and will use your mobile network if not connected to wifi. For best photo viewing experience, always connect to wifi and avoid unnecessary carrier data usage.

If you have any comments, email me at Help me make this a better app by reporting bugs as well.

  • The only app to feature 500px and flickr photos without any ads
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