App Description

Typoglycerin is a unique puzzle game that exercises your cognitive abilities and your creativity!

Connect letters to words, earn points, and battle your friends! Discover new words and languages and become the master of letters. Typoglycerin is a challenging game for people of all ages. The rules are simple, but to become the very best, you need to proceed strategically and combine the letters cleverly! Exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary, whether on the bus, chilling on the couch or sitting on the toilet! :)

RULES you start with three letters on the circular board and add new letters at each turn. Connect the letters with your finger to form words. You can place up to 24 characters on the game board and create up to 500,000 different words. But watch out, the longer the words, the more points you get! All words that can be found in the free online dictionary on are being counted.

The letters are generated according to their natural distribution in the language. Each letter brings you points, the rarer the letter, the more points you get! When you make a Word, the sum of points per letter gets multiplied by the length of the word to the square!

During the game you can see the next 6 pieces. Plan your moves carefully to get as much points as possible- Items will help you on your way, you can put a letter on hold for later use as well. In the Typoglycerin dictionary in the app you can check which words are valid and how many points they will get you!


  • easy to learn and longtime fun
  • play with German or English dictionary
  • Google Play Games Integration
  • dictionary in the game
  • interactive tutorial
  • playable offline
  • Typoglycerin is a unique puzzle game that exercises your cognitive abilities and your creativity!
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