App Description

Welcome to the city of Blockville!

Explore and rampage a totally destructible open world filled with desert, towns and cities. Smash, crash & rampage the City of Blockville. Become the most wanted and experience high-octane police chase.

Destroy buildings, street lights, traffic cars, trees and everything that falls in your path. Shoot police cars and army tanks and survive the police chase for as long as you can. Stop the aliens from invading the city and look out for the chickens crossing the road.

Choose from an arsenal of bikes, cars, tanks, alien spaceships and superhero vehicles equipped with awesome guns, bazookas, machine guns and missiles. Shoot, smash and rampage your way to the top of the Leaderboard.

Features :-

Over 25+ vehicles to choose from. (More Cars Coming Soon.)

Over 10+ achievements to unlock. (More Coming Soon)

Compete with your friends and the world for the top score on the leaderboard.

Outrun and smash cops in highspeed police chase through Blockville.

Choose your weapon of mass destruction & destroy the city.

Rampage and destroy over 100+ buildings, trees, traffic cars, lampposts, etc.

Attack the aliens and stop the invasion.

Great blocky visuals.

Awesome retro sound effects.

simple and easy controls.

NOTE : Please turn off shadows from the settings menu if there are performance issues.

  • Explore and rampage a totally destructible open world filled with desert, towns and cities
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