App Description

GCSE level math training and revision. This innovative app automatically generates questions according to the UK curriculum. It keeps track of your performance and automatically creates revision sessions that focus on your weak points. It's the easiest way to practice maths for the next exam.


  • automatic question generator with almost unlimited variations
  • quick section test, chapter revision, course revision and exam-like test
  • statistics and success rates for sections and chapters
  • questions relevant for the national curriculum
  • easy to read tutorials
  • free app contains Number Facts questions and tutorials
  • plugin system. Manage all chapters through this app
  • special mathematical keyboard containing all symbols
  • clean design


  • prime numbers
  • factors and prime factors
  • greatest common factor
  • lowest common multiple
  • square numbers and cube numbers
  • square roots and cue roots
  • indices
  • index laws
  • fractional indices
  • powers of 2 and 10
  • GCSE level math training and revision
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