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Beta Update from 04 Dec 2017
From Google Play

What's New

A lot new (non-backbone) features are added.

Ask your own question (for example, do you like pineapple on pizza?)

Find out which personality traits corresponds with certain answers (for example, more challenging people might prefer pineapple on pizza more than compassionate people).

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App Description

Do the application you install correlate with you personality traits? Is it possible to automatically determine your personality traits with the start of this app?

This personality tester uses IPIP-personality-trait-scores of applications to calculate your personality traits.

At the moment we are building our application score database, there the results might-be inaccurate. Instead a build-in questionnaire will accurately describe your personality-traits.

Enjoy our FREE DEMO, if you have suggestions, crashes or remarks please contact us or leave a remark.

(no login, Facebook, e-mail or other "Personally Identifiable Information" required, totally anonymous! )

--> Added: AB5C model, personal pattern types <--

On startup of this application, it retrieves a list of your installed applications! for more information, please read the privacy policy.

TestingCatalog Rating: 10
Community Status: Open

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