App Description

This app is now open source. Check out for the GitHub repository! Thanks for using NewsCatchr and feel free to contribute!

News should be available for everyone. They should be free. And they should be accessible everywhere and anytime. News are essential for free speech.

NewsCatchr is an app, that tries to improve the world by enabling access to news for everyone. The app is available for Android 4.1+ and quite small and resource-friendly. It's also completely open sourced, so the code can be checked by everyone.

Multiple million different feeds are readable with this app, thanks to the feedly API, which parses them.

But the app isn't just a normal news app. It has many more unique features, like these:

  • Bookmarks
  • Feed search with many millions of feeds
  • Cloud backup to save your favorite feeds and bookmarks
  • Pocket integration to read your bookmarked articles from any device
  • Chrome Custom Tabs to browse websites inside the app
  • Automatic caching, so you can also read articles offline
  • Automatic download of articles in the background (called sync)
  • OPML import to import feeds from feedly
  • Night mode to save your eyes
  • Android Wear support
  • Zoomable text to have a bigger article text
  • AMP and Google Web Light to browse websites faster (much faster)
  • Readability mode to reparse articles, where you only have a snippet
  • And many many more features...
  • NewsCatchr is an app, that tries to improve the world by enabling access to news for everyone
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