App Description

Never email yourself a text or link again just to get it somewhere else. Use InstaClip. Work across multiple devices never care about copying from one device to other.

An online clipboard sharing app serves you finest way of managing system clipboard and to set the clipboard synchronized across all the devices you work. Android Application and Web Application is developed so that user can access the clipboard anywhere at any time.

An ultimate goal of InstaClip is to make the user viable to share what user copies in one device and can paste it in another device. With InstaClip you copy something in Android and paste it in Windows or Linux or MacOS and vice-versa. All you need is a single account.

  • You can share the clipboard across all the devices.
  • No need of creating a separate account (Google account is enough).
  • You can efficiently manage and track what you copied.
  • Web Application can also be used to access the history of the clipboard copied.
  • Never email yourself a text or link again just to get it somewhere else
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