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Kii Keyboard 2 beta

App Description

Kii Keyboard 2 is an alternative keyboard on Google Android. It’s the successor of the original popular Kii Keyboard, love by millions of users.

Kii Keyboard 2 is free to use. Our goal is to create the best keyboard app for both Android phones and tablets.

Features Kii Keyboard 2 is currently in active development and beta testing, all features are completely free to use.

Emoji Keyboard:

  • support messaging emoji to ios and android
  • Best all-in one keyboard optimized for both phone and tablets
  • Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
  • User defined text shortcuts
  • Extra number key row
  • Extra arrow key row
  • Next word prediction
  • Gesture keyboard control
  • Gesture input
  • Split keyboard layouts
  • Support many keyboard layouts: PC, Compact qwerty, T9, Dvorak, Azerty, Colemak
  • 6 build-in HD themes
  • Support a variety of themes types: Go Keyboard theme, iKeyboard & Kika keyboard theme, Themeshop keyboard theme, CM10 themes
  • Font and color customization
  • Use any pictures as keyboard background
  • True Multi-touch keyboard
  • Based on the latest Android Nougat AOSP keyboard

Support many languages

English keyboard, Arabic - لوحة المفاتيح العربية, Czech - čeština klávesnice, Danish - dansk, German - Deutsch Tastatur, Spanish - Español teclado, Greek - Ἑλληνική πληκτρολόγιο, Estonian - Estonian klaviatuur, Finnish - Suomi näppäimistö, French - française clavier, Croatian - Hrvatski tastatura, Hungarian - Magyar billentyűzet, Icelandic - Icelandic hljómborð, Italian - Italiano tastiera, Georgian -ქართული კლავიატურის, Lithuanian -Lietuvių, Latvian - latviešu klaviatūra, Norwegian (Bokmal) - Norsk (bokmål) tastaturet, Dutch - Nederlands toetsenbord, Portuguese (Brazil) -português teclado, Portuguese (Portugal) -português teclado, Polish - polski klawiatura, Russian - Русский клавиатура, Romanian - română claviatură, Slovak - Slovenčina klávesnice, Slovenian -slovenščina tipkovnico, Serbian -српски тастатура, Swedish - svenska tangentbord, Turkish - Türkçe klavye, Ukrainian -українська клавіатура, Hebrew - מקלדת בעברית

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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