App Description

Solipho is the simplest way to meet People. Search for an Interest of your choosing or contribute by creating an Interest that doesn't exist yet on Solipho. Interests are clubs of like minded people, you can join an interest by simply clicking on it and discover people that share the same interests as you.

Say Hi to someone new and that person will land in today's chats. Every chat on Solipho lasts for 24 hours . You can get to know people within that 24 hour window and if you would like to stay intouch with that person . Hit '+' within chats. Once the user accepts your request, you will see them within Intouch.

Intouch is where all the people you have met and added on Solipho show up. Every chat on Solipho disappears after 24 hours but the person you've added will be waiting for you in MyIntouch.

Enjoy swiping, starting conversations and meeting new people.

  • Solipho is the simplest way to meet People
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