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Beta Update from 25 Jul 2017
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What's New

Brand new Automatic WiFi Repair feature !

NEW ! Repair your WiFi with one click or turn on Automatic repair for automatic monitoring and care of your WiFi connection.

Slow WiFi speeds, frequent disconnections ? Get rid of all your WiFi woes with the repair feature. Automatic repair learns on what network work the best for you and also identifies all the common issues with Android WiFi and fixes it automatically for you. No work required on your part.

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App Description

Wifi Tester allows users to diagnose the key issues with their wifi networks. It performs speed tests, wifi scans and latency tests to different components of a wifi network to pin-point the cause of slow internet and suggest possible fixes. The key tests performed by Wifi Tester are as follows:

  1. Bandwidth tests to figure out the end-user upload/download bandwidth.
  2. Wifi scan to understand the congestion in the wireless spectrum and quality of wifi environment.
  3. Ping tests to wireless routers, DNS, external web servers and other alternative DNS's to ascertain if something is wrong with any single component.
  4. Download latency test with the gateway to see the high level TCP latency.
  5. Time spent in different wifi connection state like DHCP, Authentication etc.

Wifi tester looks at the aforementioned data and determines the key factors affecting user's Internet connection. It then suggests fixes based on it. Potential fixes could include -- changing your primary DNS, changing the wireless channel, wireless router malfunction, cable modem fault, ISP is slow or down or user is behind a captive portal which is preventing is from accessing the Internet. It will then show this information to the user in a simple intuitive way so even someone not familiar with the wifi network setup and internals can understand and fix the issue.

TestingCatalog Rating: 10
Community Status: Open

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