App Description

When SCREEN OFF close data mobile connection and WiFi, and a precise time, it reopens. As soon as you unlock the screen, it opens connections again, saving the battery life and your body from 4g always on in the pocket!

With LOLLIPOP Android or 6 only it needs ROOT privileges


In Bactery is optionally activated the "Force Roaming" blocks the Data roaming (national and international) in some ROM where you can not handle two types of roaming separately.


OPEN RANGE Period in minutes after screen lock before turning on again

DURATION CONNECTION with Lock Screen off seconds I keep open data

DELAY AFTER THE BLOCK Waiting period in secs before closing the data after the block.

CONTROL WIFI Open and close the wifi slave to data

AUTOSTART ON BOOT Bactery start automaticallyon boot.

NOTIFICATION Show notifications when running

BANDWIDTH CONTROL allows keep data turned on if significant data traffic is on .. such as Skype call, whastup, or system upgrades.

BANDWIDTH DETECTION do not close if the byte transmission does not drop below the threshold

BANDWIDTH CUTOFF THRESHOLD Threshold in bytes to keep on after screen off

WAKE WITH SMS If I receive a text message with the activation password reactivated Data (Recommended for localization programs eg Cerberus)

TIME AFTER CONNECTION SMS For many seconds I keep open the connections after

  • When SCREEN OFF close data mobile connection and WiFi, and a precise time, it reopens
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