App Description

* Easiest way to create fun videos with friends in seconds FILTERS, TEXT, DRAWINGS, STICKERS and have FUN! LIFESLICE will transform your clips into an incredible story that is easy to share and lasts a lifetime!

Join challenges Participate in cool challenges with other top slicers. Show off your skills, sing, dance, draw. There is so much you can be doing with others, now is your time to shine.

Bring your friends! No more creating videos on your own! Make video-stories with your group of friends! Add text, drawings, stickers or sounds to make it extra fun! Show off your storytelling skills or simply film where you are right now!

Make new friends Meet other great story tellers that love making videos. Join their stories or invite them to yours. Enjoy the results by sharing your story on every social network!

Explore Find interesting videos by friends or other top users! Add them as a friend or support them by commenting on their stories!

Sharing is caring Share your masterpiece with the world! Your story can be easily shared on the most popular social media sites or downloaded to your phone!


  • Add up to 15 videos in a story!
  • Add stickers, filters, drawings!
  • Make videos with your friends in a few seconds!
  • Make new friends
  • Discover your friends’ stories
  • Invite your friends to add their videos to your Lifeslice stories
  • Explore new stories from around the world
  • Join daily challenges!
  • Fun selfie cam mode
  • Merge and share your story on your favorite apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Fb Messenger, Whatsapp, Email and many others!
  • Get likes on your stories

And many more to come!

  • Easiest way to create fun videos with friends in seconds
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