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Beta Update from 14 May 2018

Friendly neighborhood fun spoiler here:

Let's stop asking for P features for now please. When Chris is ready to add them he will. Until then please lay off of the requests. If you're running this launcher with A BETA version of an OS then you already know you're going to run into trouble because it's not utilizing the APIs available just yet and things will crash & burn. My suggestion is to either go back to Oreo and run AL or not run AL on P until Chris tells you it's good to do so.

Of course you're welcome to do whatever you want, which most of you are going to do anyway. Just don't complain and don't request features for a beta OS as things are going to change.

That is all.

App Description

FAQ on Action Launcher 3. Please read this before posting to avoid duplicate questions.

RE features not in 3 that were in 2, and will they be added back http://goo.gl/XGSF3F

RE why 3 is a paid upgrade (and a reminder that the version of 2 you purchased is still available to you):

http://goo.gl/kQZ28B and http://goo.gl/OuMB7r

I found a bug I am making tickets for all bug reports I receive, and I'll look at them as soon as I can. Being as specific as possible always helps with bug reports.

Also, a reminder about the in-app FAQ (Settings -> Frequently Asked Questions). Please check that as your first port of call. Hopefully doing so will save us both some time.

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