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Insomnia: A Modern To do List beta

App Description

Insomnia helps you manage your tasks for all parts of your life. Updating your todo list dynamically as the day goes on.

Themes: Why you get out of bed Pick the different aspects of your life that you care about and divide them into themes. By setting active hours for a theme you'll only be reminded of these tasks when you're working on these tasks.

Goals: What you want to get done. Set goals for a theme and order them from most to least important. This lets you know what you should work on first.

Metrics: How you'll know you're done. Set metrics to define where you want to be when you accomplish your goal. This step is optional, but is helpful for judging progress.

Tasks: How you'll accomplish your goals Set tasks to define the steps needed to accomplish a goal. You can define Due dates, and track these tasks against metrics.

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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