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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Beta

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Beta Update from 13 Mar 2018


We've deployed a new build to Public Beta that should be available in the next few hours. Please find the patch notes below =)

Major Features

Player Avatar
You can now assign an Avatar & a Faction Supporter in your player profile! These are now independent from your Defense Team Leader.

Any character from your roster can be assigned as your avatar.
Other players can view your avatar in leaderboards, chat and many other places.

To change your avatar, go the the Player Profile tap the edit button on the avatar.

Faction Supporter
Any character from your roster can be assigned as your Faction Supporter for other faction members to use.

To change your Supporter, go the the Player Profile Faction tab and tap the edit button on both the Supporter & Weapon.

Note: All pre-existing players that update to 9.3 will have their Avatar & Faction Supporter defaulted to their defense team leader

Gameplay improvements
Made wave transitions in auto-combat speed up proportionate to increased combat speed

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes (General)

- Fixed an issue where debug placeholder displays on the Critical Success tooltip of a crafting armory after losing the Critical Success territory buff
- Fixed an issue where some battle items could be used that would have no effect when used
- Fixed an issue where the critical success territory buff showed the wrong icon next to the progress bar of a weapon crafting in the armory in Town
- Fixed some issues with the Quick Recovery I territory buff timer speedup
- Fixed an issue where on the Galaxy S7/S8 a black bar could display at the top of the screen while entering chat text
- Fixed the issue where the Town Map could not be fully zoomed out
- Fixed an issue where the wrong tier of the top 3 users' fighters could show on the results screen of an event
- Fixed an issue where the user wouldn't be brought back to the same part of the World Map after switching to another feature and back to the World Map
- Improved an issue where some progress bars' fill at low values wouldn't be an accurate representation of the actual fill amount.

Bug Fixes (Combat)
- Fixed an issue where a confused medium boss in Faction Assault could still use its Adrenaline Rush
- Fixed an issue where an attack blocked by a Guardian Shield could still trigger on-defend weapon effects
- Fixed an issue where weapon effects that cause AP down to the enemy wouldn't work correctly against impaired enemies
- Fixed an issue with auto-combat Command usage in walker stages
- Fixed an issue where commanded characters could face the wrong direction during their AR animation against walkers
- Fixed a bug where in some situations, certain effects were able to bypass the regular critical chance formula and exceed 100% possibility

App Description

Welcome to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Android Beta Community! Members of this community will get early access to the latest release of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival before it is available to the general public. To join, first click on the link at the bottom of this description. If you joined this community with the Google account from your device, there will be a The Walking Dead: Road to Survival update available for you at the Google Play Store.

The purpose of the Google+ Beta community is to:

  1. Help us discover crashes in new updates
  2. Find and post bugs found in the Beta update or live game

For any other issues, please contact Support via the Options Menu in game. The developers collecting development-related information from the Beta community are not staffed to provide support or answer questions unrelated to items 1 & 2 above.


  1. How to report bugs? Please post a message in this community explaining what happened. It will be very useful if you explain how we can reproduce the problem, explain how often it's happening, post screenshots, and your Account Code.
  2. Do I need to reset or uninstall the game? No. This works like a regular update. You are simply getting the update before its official release date.
  3. Will I lose my progress? No. It's just an update. You get to play the game normally.
  4. How do I know I'm playing the beta? Go to Options and check the game version.
  5. Will I be warned if I a new Beta version comes out? The community will be notified of new builds through events. When you are invited to a new event it means that a new update is available.
  6. Can I make videos showing all the new cool stuff? Streisand effect tells me I can only ask you to be nice (don't quote me please. This is NOT an official response)
  7. What's new in the beta update? Every update has something new.
  8. Why can't I download the beta version? The Google account logged in your device must be the same one you used to join this community. If you are using Chrome, check if you are not logged in with a different account. As stated above, downloading the beta update is just like downloading a regular game update (same place).
  9. How do I know if I have the latest Beta update? You can always find the version number of your update if you go to Menu > Options > About. The version number is located underneath the Account Code.

Discussion in this community is focused on general feedback from the latest beta versions. For any other inquiries or issues about the game, contact Support via the Options menu in game.


TestingCatalog Rating: 127
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be Required to get an access to Beta

Tester's FAQ: Login with your Google Account (Optional) to the TestingCatalog Service to earn extra points and boost your Beta Tester profile to top. Download the app from Google Play via OPT-IN link and start testing!
😎 Like Beta Page on TestingCatalog to follow latest Updates and Changelogs.
👻 Report any found bugs with your feedback to the TestingCatalog to share your findings with the Community of beta testers.

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