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Voice Choice 2.0 beta

Beta Update from 09 Aug 2017
From Google+ Community

New beta published.

For those who have joined as a beta tester you'll see an update coming shortly with a donate button. Let me know if there seems to be any issues.

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App Description

Voice Choice 2.0 now includes Group Filters and Number Pattern Filters!

This has everything from our free Voice Choice app, with many improvements and extra features requested by users - for those upgrading from the free version, be sure to backup your list and then restore it.

So what can Voice Choice do for you?

You love using Google Voice, but you have certain numbers or contact groups you want to always call and text with your cell phone number. No problem, save those numbers/groups to your Direct Call filters and all other calls and texts will be made via Google Voice. Or, you can choose to set up Google Voice filters and all other calls will go through directly.

Why? Because then you can call only your business clients with your Google Voice number. Or maybe you've noticed Google Voice can't reliably send dial tones to those automated phone menus? Now you can call your bank, phone company, or other 1-800 numbers directly on your cell line.

Whatever the case may be, you can get rid of that extra popup before each call!

Questions, comments, suggestions?

  • Email us or check our website: http://appsiom.com
  • Comment in our Google Group groups.google.com/group/voicechoice
  • Join our beta testers community on Google+ https://plus.google.com/communities/114991649246459493945

Extra Features not found in free version:

  • Group Filters: specify gmail contact groups to be filtered - set it and forget it
  • Pattern Filters: specify area codes or conference bridge numbers to be filtered
  • Dial Through Google Voice: You can optionally teach Voice Choice to dial your Google Voice number, get through the menus and dial the number for you automatically. Good for those having issues with Google Voice not working with some phones/networks.
  • Quick dial: Make a quick one time call to a number as though you had added it to your Voice Choice list. Simply add a '+' at the end of the number before dialing. Feature is off by default, see settings menu to turn it on.
  • SMS (Android < 4.4): let Voice Choice automatically help you send text messages with/without Google Voice (no longer compatible with 4.4+, KitKat & Lollipop)
TestingCatalog Rating: 19
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be required to get an access to the beta

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