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Beta Update from 30 Jun 2017
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Fixed Add to playlist

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App Description

SoundCloud player with ChromeCast, Upnp/Dlna and Last.fm support.

If you want to contact us or participate in beta testing of the app, join here: https://plus.google.com/communities/113819735478774735842

To all new users

  • If you don't know what SoundCloud is, read here before asking for full albums and commercial tracks: https://soundcloud.com/pages/contact

After received notice from SoundCloud:

From version 13 this app will NOT ALLOW Caching or Downloading of ANY tracks or content from SoundCloud

Basic Features:

  • ChromeCast support with continuous playback
  • UPnp/Dlna support with continuous playback
  • XBMC support with continuous playback
  • Search tracks, sets, users and groups
  • Listen Stations (radios) created by users
  • Explore by preset or custom genre
  • Explore tracks (recent/trending/featured)
  • Explore users (who to follow/friends/by activity/by favorites/latest users)
  • Browse user's tracks, likes, sets, groups, followings and followers
  • Shuffle and Repeat mode
  • Equalizer
  • Manage current playlist (drag artwork to reorder, fling to remove track)
  • Playback control widget
  • Remote media buttons support
  • Low battery comsumption
  • Automatic play/pause on headphones jack plugged in/out
  • Automatic play/pause on incoming call
  • Search suggestions, voice search
  • Save state, the player will continue where you've been before (even after reboot)
  • Material, Dark and Light themes

Advanced Features:

  • Login with SoundCloud account (web connect or 'In App' username/password)
  • Get updates from your Dashboard, Stream, Activities
  • Integration with Simple Last.fm Scrobbler (supports Last.fm and Libre.fm)
  • Charts, most played tracks in week, month or custom time range
  • Play history
  • Manage likes, reposts, followings, joined groups
  • Add track to playlist
  • Add track to set
  • Manage set tracks
  • Manage playlist tracks

If you want to join beta testing, share your experience, report bugs or problems, suggest a new feature, join our Google+ community:


If you want to help with translation, join here: https://plus.google.com/communities/113760367268050274310

  • My Cloud Player for SoundCloud is not affiliated with or endorsed by SoundCloud.

This community is created for users to share their experience, report bugs or problems, suggest a new feature, etc.

Do not post spam here, you'll be banned.

TestingCatalog Rating: 9
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be required to get an access to the beta

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👻 Report, if you find any bugs and give use your feedback by sharing your findings with the Community of beta testers.

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