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Minima Beta

Beta Update from 22 Mar 2017
From Google Play

What's New

✔️ New explorer (folders, artists, albums and more)

✔️ Introduce beta create custom playlist system

✔️ Crash fixs

✔️ Change for the UI

✔️ Improve RAM memory usage

✔️ Pause music when another content is played

✔️ Many bugs fixed

✔️ New navigation menu

✔️ Start faster

✔️ Better notification system

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App Description

Here the news about the app, bugs, reports, coming soon features, comments, opinions... Please speak in english to be understandable by me and the others members :)

Minima is a new music player with the best design ever made. The development of the app has started five months ago with the idea to offer you a new experience with musics players. The app is at its beginning so more features will be added. There is actually few abilities, a playlist system, notification, advanced settings, player, explore folders, all musics, albums, artist, create playlist, lockscreen control and others features ! Hoping that you will like the Minima experience :)

TestingCatalog Rating: 10
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be required to get an access to the beta

Tester's FAQ: Login with your Google Account (Optional) to the TestingCatalog Service to earn extra points and boost your Beta Tester profile to top. Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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👻 Report, if you find any bugs and give use your feedback by sharing your findings with the Community of beta testers.

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