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Beta Update from 21 Aug 2017
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What's New

Auction you businesses!

The auction is where you can acquire new businesses from anywhere in world, or sell your businesses for revenue! Place a bid on a business and wait until the business's auction is over, or use Gold to acquire it immediately.


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App Description

Tycoon is an augmented reality, simulator game all about becoming rich from virtual versions of real businesses! The game app allows you to discover, buy/sell, and rate virtual versions of real businesses located anywhere in the world! You can gain virtual revenue every time someone visits a business you own. As you play Tycoon you can view your world ranking which improves by accumulating tokens through your business locations. Create a company with friends to earn more tokens, and have more fun! Tycoon is structured on fundamental business practice and allows you to arrange financing and partnerships to enhance your empire of business locations and strive to become the world’s richest business tycoon!


  • Buy/Sell businesses.
  • Rate businesses.
  • Visit Businesses.
  • Merge real-life businesses.
  • Create a company and play with friends!
  • Build your portfolio.
  • View your world ranking.
  • Win the lottery.
  • Get loans.

It's never too late to Build Your Empire!

TestingCatalog Rating: 9
Community Status: Open

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