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WordPress for Android Beta

Beta Update from 18 Aug 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

Everyone loves a GIF! Animated GIFs are supported throughout the app, and we sped up their load times so you never have to wait to see that cat fall off the table.
Nobody likes blank screens with no instructions! If you navigate to any page with no content — e.g., you go to the Reader but you don’t follow any blogs — we’ll suggest next steps.
Small UI improvements to make your experience more intuitive. You probably won’t notice them, and that’s the point.
Bug squashing.

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App Description

This community is for those interested in testing beta releases of the WordPress for Android app.

To get the latest betas via Google Play, just click the opt-in link at the bottom of this pane, or here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.wordpress.android Like any other app updates, the Play Store will notify you when a new beta version is available. If you enable Play Store auto updates, betas will be automatically updated.

If you want to leave the beta, you must visit this page: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.wordpress.android and tap "Leave the Test", then uninstall the app and re-install it from the Play Store.

Beta participation tips:

  • Feel free to post comments here on your experience with the app. Any feedback is good feedback!
  • When leaving feedback, please let us know which device you are using and the version of Android it is running.
  • If you get a force close, make sure to send in the crash report if you are prompted to do so.
TestingCatalog Rating: 81
Community Status: Open

Tester's FAQ: Login with your Google Account (Optional) to the TestingCatalog Service to earn extra points and boost your Beta Tester profile to top. Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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👻 Report, if you find any bugs and give use your feedback by sharing your findings with the Community of beta testers.

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