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5 Mind Bending Puzzles

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If you like Hard Combination Puzzles ,such as the Rubik's Cube, then these 5 Challenging Puzzles should appeal to you and Test your Brain Powers to quite a High Degree. Each Puzzle requires a different approach to solving. If you can solve any of the Puzzles, you will be awarded Genius Points. These points vary depending on how many Moves and how much Time you take. There are 5 different 'Leader Boards' - one for each Puzzle, and a Sixth Leader Board that will show your Total Genius Points, and there are 12 Achievements to get.

One of the Games 'The MAGNET FACTORY' Has 60 Levels.

If you are not sure whether or not these Puzzles are for you then Check out the VIDEO.

Please Be aware This App Is Currently On Open Beta Testing and May Have Some Unknown Bugs. If you Find a Bug Please Report It to reacentration70@gmail.com and I will do my Best to Fix it. Please Note. The price of this App may be higher after testing is finished.

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