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Nova Launcher Beta (Official)

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Beta Update from 08 Mar 2018

Android P Developer Preview 1

We realize that Android P Developer Preview 1 has just been released to the masses and we ourselves are currently testing Nova against it in many numerous ways.

We ask that you do NOT submit bug reports to this community about Android P DP1 nor post asking about feature request of things that are new in DP1 to be added to Nova.

DP1 is very early stages of Android P and there's a lot of things that will be changing over the coming months.

We are working on things that we want to bring into Nova from Android P and as per usual, we don't announce what's coming or what's not coming until we are ready to do so.

If you post anything about Android P Developer Preview 1 within this community, please expect your post to be removed(deleted) as soon as we see it.

If you absolutely feel the need to let us know something about Nova and Android P DP1, then you need to use the Nova Settings -> Contact Support button and email us directly.

We appreciate everyone's understanding on this and we hope to bring some great new things to Nova Launcher as soon as we possibly can, but please just give us time to look into things ourselves.

App Description

This is the Nova Launcher Beta Test community. If you are interested in beta testing our app and wish to report and file bugs then this is the place for you.

Simply join this community using the same Play Store account that you use on your device then click on the Opt-In to beta updates link.
If you don't see that link then you can always sign up here: http://NovaLauncher.com/beta

We ask that you please post in the correct category. We also ask that you post absolutely NO SCREENSHOTS unless you are posting it to show a bug or a feature request.

If you wish to post screenshots of your Nova Launcher setup, then please visit the Nova Launcher Screenshots community by clicking this link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103449253667195874971

Please do NOT post in the Changelogs category for any reason. This category to be used only by community owner(s) and community moderators. All other posts will be removed immediately.

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Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be Required to get an access to Beta

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