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Fondo - interactive wallpaper beta

Beta Update from 22 Mar 2017
From Google Play

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- Bug fixes

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App Description

Fondo is an interactive live wallpaper that displays information from various content and service providers on a simple, minimalistic, aesthetic wallpaper while acting as a seamless feed for all the news and information you like. It cycles through the content providers you’ve chosen and changes a provider every time your home screen becomes visible. You can scroll the information by tilting the phone, to enter an item simply tap on it, to hide your icons simply pinch.

Fondo provides basic actions by dragging down the notification drawer and clicking on the provided actions:

  • NEXT – Display information from a different content provider.

  • PIN – Pin the current content provider so that the information doesn’t change when you open an app.

  • Custom action – A custom action which is context aware and provider functionality based on the service which is displayed. As an example “tweet” or add a calendar event.

Fondo comes with a few entertainment, social and information oriented integrations but it also supports rss while letting you add your favorite news feed and acting as an rss reader to display the news and blogs your care about in a seamless way.

Fondo is focused on battery saving and speed so you won’t even feel it is running in the background, it is a lightweight, fast, customizable and most importantly fully interactive wallpaper.

Key content and service providers:

  • Calendars – Never miss a meeting again, with calendars right on your wallpaper you can add multiple calendars and schedule events directly from your background.

  • Groupon – Get all the hottest deals and discounts in your area directly on your wallpaper, never pay more than you should.

  • Wunderlist – Never forget what you have to do, with Wunderlist in the background you can check and uncheck tasks and add tasks directly from your wallpaper.

  • Pocket – All of your saved articles on your background!

  • Foursquare – Looking for a new way to spend your time? With foursquare in your background you will always know where to go!

  • RSS – Subscribe to your most loved websites, rss feeds and blogs and never miss the hot news again!

  • Weather – Tired of the huge widget taking up half of your screen? Here’s the solution – weather forecast in the background.

  • Twitter – Stay ahead of your friends and know what’s going on before everyone else! Twitter in the background allows you to tweet directly from your wallpaper.

  • Youtube channel subscription – Addicted to Youtube? With Fondo you can get a channels feed directly on your wallpaper.

  • Wikipedia – Feel like you know it all with random Wikipedia pages.

Feedback and suggestions?

We’d love to hear from you!

Send us your feedbacks via: support@fondoapp.com

TestingCatalog Rating: 8
Community Status: Open

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