App Description

Explore hundreds

1Wall is a wallpaper app where you can explore hundreds of wallpapers. It includes great high-resolution photos taken by the good photographers around the world. Clear wallpapers Our team reviews the uploaded wallpapers to make sure they really look good on a phone’s home screen. We try our best to make sure that the app icons and names on the phone’s home screen look clear and readable after applying the wallpaper. We feel that a wallpaper shouldn’t hide the important elements of the phone’s home screen.

The social feeling

Do you love photography or designing? If yes, show it off. Share your love by uploading good pieces of photography and designing. Let others use it as their phone’s wallpaper. As a registered user of the app, everyone can upload the pictures on the app. These pictures will be reviewed by the 1Wall review team before they are available to the other 1Wall app users.


Do you like any wallpaper from the app? By just clicking on the "Heart" of the wallpaper details, you can mark it as a favorite and create your own collection. You don’t need to explore hundreds of wallpapers to find your favorites. Just sign in using Google and sync all your favorite wallpapers across all of your android devices.

Always synced

Sign in using Google to sync all your uploaded wallpapers and favorites across all the Android devices.

Simply material design

Considering the simple yet amazing design for our users, we’ve applied Google’s Material design into the app.

Other features

  • New wallpapers are added and updated regularly.
  • All the wallpapers collected from the web includes artist’s details (name of the artist, artist’s website URL, etc) and license details.
  • Categorized wallpapers.
  • Collections to explore more specific wallpapers (#).
  • Explore weekly, monthly and all time popular wallpapers.
  • Apply wallpaper with just a tap.
  • Light and quick responsive app.

Coming soon

  • 1Wall is a wallpaper app where you can explore hundreds of wallpapers
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