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Do you ever want to know, when you most productive time of the day is? You can find it out easily with the Productivity Tracker.

How it works? It is very easy. You get asked from the app every hour, how big you energy level is/how big you motiviation is. Based on the data there will be created a graph, where you can see, when your most productive time of the day is. In "Statistics" you can find further information about the collected data. The data being collected about you will be more accurate, the more you collect data about you. So you can after 2 weeks a very accurately predict when your productivity on a typical day of yours is the greatest and you can plan accordingly.

If the data are collected through me passed? No. The data will only be stored locally and no data will be passed on to the developers and to other third parties. Productivity Tracker should be a simple free tool that allows anyone to his day can make it more efficient and can increase productivity.

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