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Anchor beta

Beta Update from 08 Aug 2018
Version 3.5.2
From Google Play

What’s New

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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App Description

Anchor is radio by the people, where any voice can join the conversation.

Anchor makes it easy to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds. Your listeners can talk back, sparking instant group conversations that were never before possible. When not recording, listen to authentic humor, knowledge, inspiration, and debate from people all over the world.

With Anchor, you can:

  • Easily broadcast 2 minute audio clips. Think mini-podcasts. Recording is as simple as talking on the telephone
  • Respond to anyone else with your voice, instantly creating a conversation
  • Listen to hours of interesting audio from people all over the world, just like listening to the radio
  • Share any conversation
  • Embed recordings on your website, blog, or Medium post
  • Listen to entire conversations on the web, just like listening to a podcast

Have feedback or need help? Talk to us on Anchor by using the #support hashtag. You can also email us at support@anchor.fm, or find us on Twitter at @anchor.

And if you enjoy using Anchor, please leave us a nice review. It really helps!

TestingCatalog Rating: 43
Community Status: Open

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