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QLC Food Fury beta

App Description

Food Fury is designed to be an addictive game where the player is provided with a list of food items to throw at the faces of their "frenemies". The game has five built-in faces with the option of adding more through the device's camera.

The game is made up of three levels of varying difficulty. The player is awarded a medal upon achieving and or exceeding the preset score of the desired level within the given duration of forty-five seconds.

The player is awarded a bronze medal upon obtaining and or exceeding one thousand points on the first level. The player is awarded a silver medal upon obtaining and or exceeding eight hundred points on the second level. The player is awarded a gold medal upon obtaining and or exceeding two hundred points on the third level.

Through the acquirement of all three medals on the built-in faces, the player is then able to further unlock hidden faces. The game is accompanied with music and various sound effects. The player is provided with the option of muting sound on the home page of the game.

This game is brought to you by, the Quality Life Centre. Twenty-four years of providing structured development programmes for youth that focus on arts, character, and education in order to cultivate confidence, discipline, and build self-sufficiency.

Also funded by, the Interactive Intelligence Foundation.

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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