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Inkwire Beta

Step 1) You MUST join this community. Otherwise the beta will be unavailable to you.

Step 2) Opt into the beta by clicking the next link.

Step 3) Download the beta. Sometimes this link takes a while after joining the beta to become available:

Mostly just looking for bug/crash reports and feedback at the moment. There's still a good amount of work to be done. Please leave bug reports in this forum. They are super helpful. If something crashes, tell me what you were doing when it crashed, and what phone you are using. Logcats are great too.

Since this is a closed beta, you won't actually be able to easily help people with the app yet, as it won't be available to everyone on the Play Store. If you have a 2 Android devices on hand, or can convince a friend to sign up for the beta too, that is the way to go for testing purposes.

The final version will obviously be freely available on the Play Store. One of the showcase features allows you to send a access/share sticky link to another user. It will install the app, and share the screen with just a couple clicks. No access codes necessary. Can't demo this while in beta :)

  • Inkwire lets you easily share your screen to another Android user
Tester's FAQ: Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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