App Description

In Pokemon Go, Pokestops are found at important cultural places, such as statues, public buildings, or other types of notable locations.

This is a very good idea as it allows you to discover new interesting places near you while playing.

But at the same time it's rather frustrating because the information about these places is really small in the game. Usually there is only a title and a small description.

This application will let you easily add resources about those places. Once added they will be available for everyone visiting this place. For now you can add a website (ex. Wikipedia) and pictures.

The website can give information about the history of the place, opening hours, contact information...

Every user can add a resource.

In future release it will be possible to tell if you found someone else contribution useful so that the next visitors will be presented with the most voted resources first.

Coming soon too: there will be a score (and possibly a leader board) on the map to display how much you have helped in building the pokestop database.

To add resources you first need to create the pokestop if it doesn't exist already.

While playing pokemon go, click on WikiGo widget when you are near the pokestop you want to add (see tutorial).

Once the pokestop exists everyone can add resources to it.

When you play, if you come near a pokestop that has already been entered, the WikiGo widget will show it's name or photo.

Clicking on the widget will let you see the resources entered for this pokestop.

  • Let user share resources about the place related to PokeStops
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