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Zombie Wars: Apocalypse CCG (Beta)

Beta Update from 22 Mar 2017
From Google Play

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Can you imagine how strong a zombie could be when improved with cyborg technology ? Get ready to find out !

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App Description

The end came faster than anyone expected. Within a few days, almost whole mankind got extinct by the virus that turned man into zombies. The few of us being immune against the virus left the cities and hid... for decades... Then our genes started to mutate. Your generation is the first one being able to mentally control the zombies. Now it is time to conquer back our cities, our world ! We rely on you ! Play lots of campaigns, against human players and AI in this apocalyptic collectable card game. Find and collect different monsters from zombies to demons, each with its own attacks and skills. Enrich your decks with upgrade cards and gain rewards by completing missions or quests. Find rare and legendary cards and build the best deck to rule this new world.

Take care, you need strategy both during the game as well as when building your decks.


This game contains music by Juhani Junkala and Marcelo Fernandez

TestingCatalog Rating: 5
Community Status: Open

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