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Beta Update from 18 Aug 2018
From Google+ Community

Shuttle v2.0.5 has been released to the Play Store.

It's been 5 or 6 months since the last update. There's been a lot of progress on other aspects of the app that aren't quite beta-ready, but there's also been some pretty major improvements that did make it into this release.



- Added support for Android Auto.

- Improved artwork based colour selection. Shuttle now chooses nicer colours from the artwork, and themes the text and buttons on the now playing screen accordingly.

- Updated to a fresh, more subtle mini-player.

- Improvements to the queue. No longer 'flashes' when the queue changes. Drag & drop is smoother now.

- Don't show albums in playlist detail view

- Added option to display artwork in song list. On by default.

- Added number of songs & total time to queue

- Added total time to album, artist & genre detail screens

- Don't show podcasts in various song listings. Podcasts now only show up in the 'podcast' playlist.

- Display number of songs and duration in playlist detail view

- 'Play Next' in queue now moves the song to the next position instead of duplicating the song into the queue

- Lots of behind the scenes improvements

- Updated translations


- Fixed medium sized widget display issues

- Fixed an issue where various menu options triggered incorrect actions

- Fixed an issue when attempting to play an empty queue from the widget or headset button

- Fixed an issue where playing a track would sometimes fail, so the app would quickly move to the next song, which may fail, and so on.

- Fixed an issue where the shuffle icon wasn't shown when shuffle was on

- Fixed an issue where whitelisting a file also blacklisted it

- Fixed an issue where genres couldn't be added to playlists

- Fixed an issue where date added order was ignored in recently added playlist

- Fixed a crash when sending a media button pause command while app isn't running

- Fixed a crash when using Dashclock

- Fixed a crash when viewing the queue on tablet devices

- Fixed a crash when moving to landscape mode

- Fixed a bug where the media player was queried many times per second, potentially resulting in performance issues.

- Various other crash fixes

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App Description

Shuttle Music Player Beta Testers. A place to chat, contribute, provide feedback, enjoy and improve Shuttle Music Player. Now public!

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