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This app is in Beta, we will be launching the official version soon

Reimagine the way you organize and track every item in your home inventory. Record, describe, tag and always know where every item is.

Say yes to a professional home organization with WIZT – Where is it? Forget about those nerve-wracking frustrations about a lost item.. when you really know it’s there somewhere. WIZT provides with supreme item organization and personal inventory tracker and organizer features for smooth home organization.

Download WIZT & record organized items at a glance with feature-rich inventory tracking and item organization.


Create a label for any item and personal belongings in your home. It can be valuable item or a common item you rarely use – the choice is yours. Just tap on the “+” in the middle and enter the required info in minutes. Take a photo, add description, location and tags and never lose anything!


Attach an AR digital sticker to quickly track and locate where your items are. No more rummaging through shelves to find that one item


Use the search feature to overview and get the location of any item. Quickly navigate to any item and save your time searching.


Make use of our advanced floor plan feature to exactly know where a particular item is or to plan your inventory storing. The floorplan also lets you add as many rooms as you wish and then organize items for each room.


Want to share an item location with your family or friends when you are not at home? Well, our item organizer and item tracker for home organization allows you to do it with a simple tap. Just follow the feature share from your home screen. (Coming soon in official app)


  • Digitally recorded labels with your content photos
  • Floor plan sketch and Records of Items On Location
  • Digital Stickers to be placed on area (Augmented Reality)
  • Quick search on items! Just key in the items you are finding
  • Reimagine the way you organize and track every item in your home inventory
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