App Description

We help you discover what foods can increase YOUR health. Tell the app your health goal: Stronger muscles and joints, better digestion, a faster brain, weight control, stronger immune defense, stable blood sugar, lower cholesterol? The app knows what to eat more of and will quickly get you to convenient healthy recipes with natural ingredients you have and like.

Plant Jammer is based in a powerful notion: Learn to balance your meals and you will never have to follow a recipe again! Cover all the components needed for the best meals - you will learn how to combine and balance oil, sour, salt, umami, sweet, bitter and spicy. With Plant Jammer you will realize an abundance of dinner options, even if you’re on a diet. You can make something healthy and delicious out of anything, and stop foodwaste!

Our goal is to help you live a healthy life, both for you and the planet. Our app gives recipes based on what you have locally, seasonally available, preferably in your own fridge. Want to eat more protein or dietary fibers? You can accommodate the plant-based food diary to your diets and we help you choose what to eat.

Plant Jammer is both for food-newbies who want to learn how to cook healthy food, and foodies who want to discover new and exciting healthy dinner inspirations. Particularly, this is THE app to learn cooking vegan or vegetarian. Start cooking plant-based to take charge of your own health!

45.000 people already cook with Plant Jammer. Try it and understand why. They love feeling empowered to easily cook healthy delicious food, while battling foodwaste!

How to use the app:

  1. Set your health goal (e.g., brain food, heart health, or weight control)
  2. Choose among healthy ingredients that help reach your goal (e.g., broccoli, curry, and raisins)
  3. Get a recipe for EXACTLY your choice of healthy ingredients.
  4. Track your food, update your goals, and hack your health!

Why is Plant Jammer plant-based? Because it is healthy food for you and the planet. Let us fight food waste together. Many of our users use it for side dishes as they already know what to do with the meat.

Our main features:

  • Take charge of your health: Set your health goal, and be empowered to follow through
  • Keep stock of your pantry: Add the ingredients you have in your pantry. Then, cook the ingredients you have based on the recipes generated by the Plant Jammer.

  • Shop smartly: Use our algorithms to know what healthy ingredients you are missing

  • Cook impulsively: Browse dinner inspirations tailored for your health and pantry. Learn how to balance tastes and make something delicious out of ANYTHING

Good luck on your journey towards easy, healthy and sustainable cooking. Food waste is an important issue to tackle and one of our top priorities. So, please use what you have in the fridge and avoid throwing food.

For tech support, please reach out to me on

  • We help you discover what foods can increase YOUR health
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