App Description

GTD has been successfully implemented by many people using pen and paper. But society has seen changes from the first publishing of that book. Our life's revolve around new technologies now. Specially our smartphones. People want everything on their phones and GTD is no exception. Many believe there needs to be someway we can implement GTD in our phones and search for a good app that can do the job.

Considering trust is a cornerstone for the GTD system itself, you either implement it fully or not at all. Because the moment anything is forgotten or fall through the cracks, your mind will lose faith in you system and it will creep up in your mind again. We believe any app that implements GTD, must do so without a 'crack' in order to handle everything prescribed by GTD and needs to be as frictionless as possible in its ways it lets you capture and review your open loops.

There are many apps out there that claim to implement GTD but the truth is these apps are simply todo apps and leave GTD as an afterthought. There is no app that is dedicated and structured for GTD and GTD only. finot is an attempt to fix this.

finot is the easy, free and flexible way to implement GTD on your phone. finot attempts to bridge gap between technology and GTD. It has its own calendar, reference folder manager, and handles collection of open loops in video, picture, sketch and in text easily accessible through a floating widget. finot provides everything you need for implementing GTD at arm's length to remove any blocks for your captures and reviews. If you need an app for GTD, finot is for you.

  • GTD has been successfully implemented by many people using pen and paper
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