App Description

Create complete songs by layering your recordings on your Android phone or tablet.


The beta version provides you with the basics for looping your recordings. Features like audio effects, sharing, merging etc.. will be added on a later stage.


On first start the app will ask you to calibrate. This is needed to make sure all recordings are synced. If you ever feel that the timing is not correct, you can always go back to the calibration screen.

After recording click on any of the 4 tracks to start recording. Click it again to stop. Your first loop is created! Click on any of the tracks to start an overdub recording. It will start and stop automatically based on your first track. Drag your finger around the loop to adjust the volume.

FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS (Includes future features)

  • 4 tracks
  • Overdub
  • Metronome
  • Count down before recording
  • Multiply loop lengths
  • Add reverb effects to individual loops (future)
  • Trim first loop (future)
  • Pan loop (future)
  • Share projects with friends (future)
  • Record songs (future)
  • Share songs (future)


The free version of Loopify provides the basics to start looping your sounds. You are able to record and share your projects without any purchase. One in-app purchase is available to get access to premium features like reverb effects, pan, merge and will remove any ads.

  • Create complete songs by layering your recordings on your Android phone or tablet
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