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Numbers Game - Numberama

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Beta Update from 20 Jan 2018

- Opt-in: automatic check
- "Try" mode ingame, where you can try some turns and undo them easily
- Show numbers on top and bottom without scrolling if they are out of the screen
- Zoom without buttons
- Progress bar for help timer
- More effects when deleting rows
- Shuffle rows / numbers in rows
- Include music
- Quick mode: Help ~~> Clear -> Help does not appear again until next match~~
- Start with same random numbers than previous game
- App always-on possibility
- Played time for current game
- Levels (easy to hard)
- Statistic Toasts
- Automatically jump to hint opt-in
- Improve color settings
- Performance improvements

You have any other ideas or do not like one of the points on my ToDo-list?

App Description

Here you can get information about the Android apps developed by KiLa and you can discuss with other users. My Apps are "Numbers Game - Numberama", "Fast Typing - Speed Test" and "FizzBuzz [with Android Wear]"

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