POCO Launcher Unreleased - POCO Launcher is a full-featured customizable launcher for Android phones

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#xiaomi #launcher #androidlauncher #androidapp #mui

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POCO Launcher Unreleased

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POCO Launcher Unreleased

#xiaomi #launcher #androidlauncher #androidapp #mui

Beta Update from 02 Nov 2018
By Google Play

What’s New

1. You can customize your Home screen's layout now.
2. You can change the size of all icons as well.
3. We also fueled up POCO Launcher with optimizations.
4. Fixed some bugs.

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App Description

POCO Launcher is a full-featured customizable launcher for Android phones. It’s beautifully designed, super fast and secure. And super lightweight as well!

Key features

Clean Home screen - POCO puts all apps in the App drawer, so your Home screen looks neat and clean.

Convenient search - App recommendations, icon color categories, and lots of other customizable features allow you to find what you need much faster.

Manage apps - Group apps by category automatically or create custom groups to always keep important things just a tap away.

Customize icons - Use third party icon packs to give your Home screen a truly unique look.

Privacy protection - Keep your apps private by hiding their icons.

Fast and smooth - POCO Launcher is born for breakneck speeds. Forget about slow system animations!

Thank you for choosing POCO Launcher! Don’t forget to leave us a review if you like our app. Also, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions: [email protected]

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Community Status: Open

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