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Evernote for Android App Beta Test

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Evernote for Android App Beta Test

#evernote #notes #evernotebeta #betaapps #testing

Beta Update from 19 Jun 2018
Version Varies with device
By Google Play

What’s New

- We tweaked the note list view to make it easier to read.
- We’re testing a new way to create a note, so it's faster and easier.
- You like checkboxes, so we switched the order in the formatting bar to get you there quicker.
- We're working on a cleaner look for the note editor. We haven't added it for everyone just yet, though.
- 8.0 was our last release for Android 4.x users (sorry!).

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App Description

Click on the link below to become a beta tester. You should be logged in with that Google account on your phone.

The community is not moderated. Comments and feedback are very welcome. We don't provide timeline for any feature we haven't started implemented yet.

TestingCatalog Rating: 37
Community Status: Closed
Beta Community: Membership could be Required to get an access to Beta

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