Flat Wars Beta - The characters seem all happy and friendly, but you just have to say a word and they will fight for you.

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#indiedev #gamedev #androidgame #games #casualgame

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Flat Wars Beta

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Flat Wars Beta

#indiedev #gamedev #androidgame #games #casualgame

Beta Update from 29 Aug 2018
Version 2.0
By Google Play

What’s New

You can now play even when noone else is online with the bots when the count of 20 on the matchmaking runs out!

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App Description

The characters seem all happy and friendly, but you just have to say a word (and to give them a reasonable amount of gold) and they will fight for you.

While playing against other players you will have three commands: to charge, to deffend or to attack. If you want to attack you will have to charge first, charge many times and you will have the same amount of chances to attack. Each time you attack you will give damage to your opponent's character life. Each character has a specific amount of life and damage, which you can see in the shop.

If you win, you will get 250 coins, and get the chance to watch a rewarded video to get another 250, putting you closer to buy the next warrior.

  • Need internet connection
  • 9 unique characters

  • BETA app, may have bugs and not work properly on all devices, please inform us through our e-mail: [email protected]

  • All the feedback is welcome, make sure you give your opinion and make suggestions also through the email

  • Armory Labs is not a registered name and its use has nothing to do with any company. This app belongs to only one developer, Pedro Daniel Lopes Duarte, who own all the logos, images and icons in this app.

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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