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Screener - Better Screenshots Beta

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    Version 2.5.4

    What’s New

    Housekeeping for the next big release coming soon.
    - Improved stability, security and performance through updated 3rd-party libraries

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    16 Aug 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Welcome to the Screener Community!
    Screener is a free tool for Android which lets you quickly and easily take your screenshot presentations to the next level with high quality, beautiful device frames. This group has been created to allow the global community to share their Screener creations with the world.

    Community Guidelines
    Screenshots can only be posted if they are edited with the Screener app, unless they're published in a category different than Show Off Your Screener and have an informational value, for example reporting a bug with the app.

    No nudity or potentially offensive content is allowed to be published, regardless of whether it's the content of a post, comment, caption, or element of the homescreen being showcased, if applicable. All members are asked to treat others with respect.

    This community isn't meant to be used as a place for promoting your products or apps. A single post showcasing your work is just fine (see paragraph 1 of this section for further requirements), but excessively advertising icon packs, widget packs, or Android apps won't be tolerated.

    Spamming, posting the same content repeatedly, or violating any of the general Google Plus content guidelines will result in a warning being issued to the user(s) in question. If one violates the guidelines a third time, two warnings are followed by a ban from the community. This warning system applies to all kinds of departures from the group requirements, including the rules mentioned in all previous paragraphs.

    Enjoy Your Stay!
    With everything being said, enjoy your stay in our community! If you've got any questions regarding the group or Android app, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to provide assistance. We can't wait to see what you create!

    12 Aug 2018 Google+ Community Update 11964 Community Members