Horizon Explorer ARCore Beta - Point your camera at a landmark on the horizon

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#arcore #vr #ar #argumentreality #maps

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Horizon Explorer ARCore Beta

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Horizon Explorer ARCore Beta

#arcore #vr #ar #argumentreality #maps

Beta Update from 16 Aug 2018
Version 1.4.1
By Google Play

What’s New

Add tall-building mode, using GPS altitude and allowing slider to adjust view altitude without obscuring camera.
Add settings menu button to main page
Fix bug where relative heights (+/- Xm) used roof / top GPS marker instead of ground-level.
Change to use Firebase Analytics
Works with ARCore 1.4, more supported devices. Zenfone may need a reinstall of ARCore.

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App Description

Point your camera at a landmark on the horizon and see:

  • Name of the landmark
  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • Map of surrounding area
  • Wikipedia info
  • Directions to landmark

Or use 3D Map mode:

  • See terrain laid out in front of you
  • Move phone to fly around the map
  • Roadmap / satellite / hybrid
  • Search & display worldwide 3D-maps
  • Distance, altitude and landmark names
  • Infinite scroll
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