Ouvos Unreleased - Ouvos is a community based navigation app that allows cyclists to share real-time road conditions and receive hazard alerts

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#navigation #maps #cycling #cyclists #cycler #community

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Ouvos Unreleased

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Ouvos Unreleased

#navigation #maps #cycling #cyclists #cycler #community

Beta Update from 23 Jul 2018
Version Varies with device
By Google Play

What’s New

This version includes minor bug fixes.

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App Description

Ouvos is a community-based navigation app that allows cyclists to share real-time road conditions and receive hazard alerts.


Real-time hazard alerts: With Ouvos, you can report hazards and receive visual and audible hazard alerts. All reported hazards by the community are visible on the map and an alert is triggered while you are riding so you can be aware of what's ahead. (Audible alerts will be coming soon)

Ride Tracking: Ouvos allows you to track your speed, distance and time traveled.

Give a safety rating to roads and bike lanes: Ouvos allows you to rate the routes that you traveled based on safety and experience. This helps our system learn from you and other cyclists what the safest routes are in your area. Over time, you will start to notice heat maps on the app which will contribute to helping you plan a safer and more enjoyable ride.

[COMING SOON] Turn-by-Turn navigation: Our turn-by-turn navigation will not only route you through the most bicycle friendly routes, but will help you avoid hazards and road closures while making sure to get you to your destination in the fastest way possible. Before we launch our turn-by-turn navigation system, we need to collect enough information about hazards and safety of bike lanes in your area. This is why your input is very important, to help us deliver a smarter navigation system built for cyclists by cyclists.

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