Drawsum Unreleased - Drawsum is one huge canvas that everybody shares

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#canvas #painting #casualgame #draw #androidgames

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Drawsum Unreleased

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Drawsum Unreleased

#canvas #painting #casualgame #draw #androidgames

Beta Update from 28 Jul 2018
Version Varies with device
By Google Play

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App Description

Drawsum.com is one huge canvas that everybody shares. We are trying to make the biggest collaborative drawing ever by allowing everyone in the world to contribute. Currently the canvas is over 5435 mega-pixel!

Your account level increases or decreases depending on your work. So you can get promoted allowing you to draw in more area per day plus get new tools and abilities (or you can lose abilities or even get banned).

Key principles:

  1. Drawings only - users can only draw, no uploads.
  2. Freedom - anyone can draw (almost) anything (almost) anywhere.
  3. Safety - your work is (fairly) safe from vandalism. and we censor inappropriate content.
  4. Elected moderators - if you draw well you can be selected.
  5. Infinite space - The canvas grows larger occasionally.
  6. Rent an area - and share it with friends.
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