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theSkimm Unreleased

#news #story #stories #daily #androidapps

Beta Update from 31 Jul 2018
Version 1.2
By Google Play

What’s New

Say hi to the new, new. You can search for things, there are explainers to keep you in the know, plus, we’ve improved the video and audio experience. Done, done, and done.

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App Description

theSkimm App gives you all the news and information you need to start your day. Every morning you get the Daily Skimm for free. And all the app’s premium features make it easier for you to live a smarter life. Here's what comes with that...


Every weekday, you get the news you need to start your day. All nonpartisan. All in one place. All in 5 mins or less.


As a part of our premium offering we have an audio episode every week that breaks down important, relevant topics for you to listen to on the go in 10 minutes or less. We talk through things like what's happening in North Korea, what's next for Amazon, and what's happening with net neutrality.


Our calendar syncs directly with yours to make sure you always know what’s coming up and can plan ahead. It’s constantly updating to make sure you never miss important events in politics, sports, entertainment, and more.


We want to see those texting bubbles from you. Every week you can text us to get a better understanding of how things happening in the world impact you. Think: the new healthcare bill, Facebook's updated privacy policy, the Dow crashing, and more. We'll even help you with things like deciding which phone to buy and figuring out how to watch your fave shows after you cut the cord.


We only send you push notifications for things that matter. And it gives you the context you need to understand the big news moments everyone is talking about, and how it affects you.


Every day we recommend a new 5 min Read to get into and every Friday we recommend a new book that you won’t be able to put down.


Every Friday we give you what to watch, listen to, download, and read over the weekend.

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