Popcorn Expert Unreleased - Popcorn Expert uses latest machine learning achievements to analyze popcorn making sounds "pops"

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#popcorn #machinelearning #ML #androidapp #sounds

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Popcorn Expert Unreleased

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Popcorn Expert Unreleased

#popcorn #machinelearning #ML #androidapp #sounds

Beta Update from 28 Jun 2018
Version 5.0 and up
By Google Play

What’s New

Improved pops recognition model
Implemented sound recording share feature
UI changes to comply with material design

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App Description

Popcorn Expert uses latest machine learning achievements to analyze popcorn making sounds ("pops"). Just start your microwave and run the application - make sure your smartphone is not far from the microwave so that the sound can be heard clearly. Popcorn Expert will count pops in real-time and alert when it is the best time to stop the microwave. Popcorn Expert will make sure that majority of kernels will pop and your popcorn won't burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Key features:

  • 🍿measures time and counts popped kernels
  • 🍿soundwave visualization with highlighting of recognized pops
  • 🍿speed gauge showing popping speed in pops per minute
  • 🍿chart with pops distribution over time
  • 🍿beeps when the popcorn is ready
  • 🍿Global Pops Count shows the number of kernels popped by app users globally

Stay with us! The model is continuously being improved to provide better accuracy. We are also planning to introduce several interesting features soon - watch out for next application updates! 👨‍🏭

⚠ Notice about privacy ⚠

The entire analysis takes place on the device - the sound is not transferred to any external systems. You can be sure your privacy is not at risk while using this application.

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