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This is the beta testing community you're looking for.

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QuickPic Beta

This is the beta testing community you're looking for.

Beta Update from 27 Oct 2017
By Google+ Community

+++ NEW VERSION! +++
Hello Beta testers,
We just updated QuickPic to v. 4.7.4!


- ✓ [ADDED] In app payments permission (currently not in use, we will announce it if we will release a feature which needs this)
- ✓ [FIXED] Bugfixes & improvements

It may takes a while until the update arrives on all devices!

APK file:
{ APK file will be available later }

Google Play:


Thanks for choosing CM QuickPic,
Community Manager

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App Description

Here is the BETA test community for QuickPic. ;-)

Bug reports are welcome! But please follow the rule: you should include the device name, Android version, QuickPic Version, how to reproduce it, and screenshot if you have.

Our Community rules: This is not a Fanclub!

  • Posting Selfies or photos that have nothing to do with QuickPic can get you banned!
  • Please post and comment in English only, or if you must use another language include an English translation.
  • Posting invitation codes - we see this as spam, spammers will be banned
  • Posting pornography is punishable by a ban and report to Google.

The team is working to improve QuickPic and therefor it is important that you give us feedback and report bugs. We look forward to your opinions and suggestions for improvement.

Thank your understanding!

You can also report bug to: [email protected]

TestingCatalog Rating: 39
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be Required to get an access to Beta

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