Challenge Place Unreleased - Challenge Place is a complete app for managing your championships and competitions

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#competition #challenge #compete #championship #tournament

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Challenge Place Unreleased

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Challenge Place Unreleased

#competition #challenge #compete #championship #tournament

Beta Update from 15 Apr 2018
Version Varies with device
By Google Play

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App Description

Challenge Place is a complete app for managing your championships and competitions. You can create your tournaments any way you want, with support for both sports and eSports.


  • CUSTOM STAGES: Add as many stages as you want in your league, whether it's round robin, group stage or a bracket.

  • TEAMS AND PLAYERS: Customize the competitors with images or photos.

  • GROUPS AND ROUNDS: Add the competitors to the groups manually or let Challenge Place make the draw for you, including generating the schedule of rounds and matches, if you want.

  • BRACKET: Enter the number of competitors and let Challenge Place set up the perfect bracket for your championship, including double elimination brackets.

  • MATCH EVENTS: Take control over everything that happens in the matches. Each modality has a series of pre-configured events to meet your needs, such as goals, assists and cards, in the case of football.

  • CHAMPIONS: Select the champions at the end of each championship.

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