Weight Tracker Free Beta - Keep track of your weight with Free Weight Tracker app!

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#weight #tracker #health #fitness #sport

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Weight Tracker Free Beta

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Weight Tracker Free Beta

#weight #tracker #health #fitness #sport

Beta Update from 12 Apr 2018
Version 5.0 and up
By Google Play

What’s New

*Fixed margins

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App Description

Keep track of your weight with Free Weight Tracker app!

Weight Tracker Free will improve your losses.

With Weight Tracker Free you can keep a log of every weight measurement, add a message to it, and chart it, get you usefull information about your calorie needs, BMI (Body mass index), Body Fat Percentage, and your Ideal weight. It can help you keep you on top of your weight losses to motivate you to lose more!.

Try out new diets and log the progress with Weight Tracker Free. There are many diets out there, some more effective than others, try out a new one and see your progress on the diary, add a note to remind yourself of what you had eaten that day, and see for yourself the effects of your effort.

  • Weight log with messages
  • Weight Chart
  • BMI Chart
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Ideal Weight Calculator
  • Statistics
  • Notifications to weight yourself
  • Weight goals
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