The Walking Dead - Our World - Our World is a first-of-a-kind location based mobile game that immerses you into the zombie apocalypse

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#zombie #androidgame #ar #vr #apocalypse

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The Walking Dead - Our World

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The Walking Dead - Our World

#zombie #androidgame #ar #vr #apocalypse

Beta Update from 18 Apr 2018
Version 5.0 and up

What’s New

Gameplay improvements, economy adjustments and bug fixes

● Heroes, Weapons and Perks can now be upgraded to level 20
● Hero, Weapon and Perk strengths have been adjusted to reflect the change
● All card level up requirements have been lowered to account for increased number of levels
● Drop rates for Rare, Epic and Legendary cards has been increased
● The level at which some cards unlock to players has been adjusted
● Game balance changes and bug fixes
● Performance optimization

App Description

Could be "Live" in some countries.

The Walking Dead: Our World is a first-of-a-kind location based mobile game that immerses you into the zombie apocalypse. Defend your surroundings by fighting walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa - wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. Join forces with Rick, Daryl, Michonne and all your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

  • FIGHT walkers in the real-world based on your location
  • EXPLORE the world around you, find walkers, clear your surroundings and leave your mark on the map for other players to find
  • COLLECT legendary characters, weapons and items from AMC’s The Walking Dead
  • COOPERATE in weekly challenges with other players in groups for bigger rewards
  • UNITE with other players, save survivors, build shelters and reclaim your city from the walker threat
  • SHARE your best apocalyptic moments for other players and for the whole world to enjoy

And remember: Aim for the head.

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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