Red Crimes - Hidden Murders Unreleased - Build the best crime scene investigation team and solve hundreds of cases!

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#crime #androidgame #mafia #gamedev #indigame

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Red Crimes - Hidden Murders Unreleased

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Red Crimes - Hidden Murders Unreleased

#crime #androidgame #mafia #gamedev #indigame

Beta Update from 18 Apr 2018
Version 4.1 and up

What’s New

New Improvements:
○ Your police station now will look much cooler and professional.
○ Common Supply Box is rewarded after a fixed amount of tasks, and no longer depends on score.
○ Staff now rewards more cash while protecting sectors.

Bugs Fixed:
○ Suitcase in case “Greyman” can now be picked up.
○ Bug happening when playing footprint match tasks has been fixed.
○ New progression blockers have been fixed.
○ Several minor bugs have been fixed.

App Description

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders - Build the best crime scene investigation team and solve hundreds of cases! Are you ready to chase the serial killer? Download now and find out who killed Police Chief Kelly...

Take control of Rouxville’s police department and build a team of dedicated professionals in this fascinating hidden object game, filled with real forensic scientist experiments. Red, the city’s top woman detective, will be at your side while you uncover the mystery of a never-ending series of brutal crimes. Analyse clues, build your criminal case, follow new leads and bring the villains to justice.


  • Investigate stunning 3D crime scenes and locate essential clues.
  • Examine and process the evidence found.
  • Perform realistic 3D autopsies to discover the cause of death.
  • Build and train the best team of police force professionals.
  • Manage and upgrade your police station to restore law and order in Rouxville.
  • Arrest the serial killer and bring him to justice.

PLEASE NOTE - Red Crimes: Hidden Murders is free to play game, however some game items can also be purchased with real money. Download before it’s too late.

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